Welcome to
a club called world.

We offer young people an easy way to live in top class accommodations, shared with people just like them in the world’s best cities.
A club called world.
In the
best cities.
Where sharing is loving.
Then, you say aloha.
Yourhouse, your home.


We are Alohause.

Alohause is a young company created by a team of globetrotters. It was born out of the desire to prevent others from facing the problems we encountered when we started traveling to study and work abroad.
We have one goal: to make your life easier at the heart of the world’s best cities, while living in top quality accommodations shared with young people just like you. Aloha World. Aloha Home.


The issue we want to solve.

People are moving to global cities as NYC, LA or Barcelona to pursue their career or personal dreams but… getting an apartment is not easy.
Most common issues:

  • The need to search in a market they don’t know.
  • Being asked to have a local insurance number.
  • The need of banking history.
  • Guarantors.
  • Paying all the rent up front.
You name it! Not easy at all.


The solutions we give.

  • We offer a simple, affordable and effective solution to find top class accommodation in the best locations in NYC, LA, and Barcelona.
  • Our pool of luxurious apartments is a click away from your fingertips.
  • Our apartments are equipped with the highest standards in accommodation, with cosy private areas to relax, as well as joyful common areas that you will share with people just like you.
  • All our guests meet the highest standards so you feel like at home.
No minimum stay
(Minimum 30 days in some cities)
No broker
No guarantor
Spare the hotel cost upon arrival


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General Inquiries
For general inquiries, email us at aloha@alohause.com

For questions about new or existing reservations, email us at reservations@alohause.com