Surviving the NYC Winter

When most people think of the New York City winter, they think of ice skating in Bryant Park, hot chocolate, and Home Alone 2. But if you have been in New York City for a while, you dread winter like nothing else. The Alohause team has experienced winter in NYC quite a few times, and so we know exactly how to survive the bone-chilling reality of what winter here is really like.

Winter Wardrobe

Yes, we are going to be your mom for a second and tell you that living in New York City requires an extensive winter wardrobe. Although you might think that you are European and used to harsh winters, you are not prepared for this. Even though the temperatures might not be as bad, the wind is what hurts the most. Only a high quality jacket, shoes, gloves and a hat will get you out the door. Also, heat-tech is something you should most definitely look into!

Check The Weather Apps

Be prepared! New York City has a tendency to surprise you with a random snowstorm, crazy winds, or sudden rain so check the weather every morning before leaving your apartment. That way, you are prepared for anything that the city might throw at you.

Always Expect Delays

The winters tend to slow everything down, including traffic and the subway. If you have somewhere to be, make sure you plan for delays. Also, not all sidewalks have been cleaned of snow, and so keeping the normal New York City tempo is not advised as you might discover ice hiding under that snow.

Stay Inside

Yes, we recommend you stay inside unless you have somewhere to be. Stay inside your apartment, cook up some hot chocolate and watch Home Alone with your roommates until the snow has melted and you no longer need to mentally prepare to leave your apartment.

We wish you a happy winter, and make sure you are prepared before winter hits. Stay warm and commute safely!

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