Steps To Make Your Room Feel Like Home

Moving away from home is always hard. It does not matter how far you are away from home, we all feel homesick at times living in this big crazy city. Therefore, making your new space feel like home is so important. But we are aware that many of you are on a budget, and so we put together a list of a few things that will make your room feel like home without breaking the bank.

Area rug

A rug can make any sad space feel a little more “homey”. You can find a nice area rug for a good price, several places, but Amazon is always a great place to look. Try finding something with a fun pattern, or in a pretty color to brighten up a dull space.

We found this one for a very good price, only $16.99 on Amazon.


We all know plants are great for us. Especially if you are in a small space where the air can get a little “muggy”. Plants have air-purifying properties, and they are even proven to reduce stress. You can buy indoor plants on Amazon, and we found a great deal with 4 of the best air-purifying plants out there. These are also very easy to care for, and you do not need green thumbs to keep them alive.

4 plants for $28.99 on Amazon.

Decorative Lighting

Adding some decorative lighting can change the whole feel of your room. String lights are great, they don’t take up much space and you can be creative with the placement of them.

Decorative string lights with remote control, only $15.99 here!

Smart storage

If your room is one big mess with things laying around everywhere, it will not feel zen like it should.

Finding smart ways to keep your things organized can be tricky if your space is not that large, but luckily there are a lot of great options out there. If your bed frame allows it, under bed storage is a great way to hide your clutter.

Under bed storage, only $14.99 here!

Decorative bed-spread

A messy-looking bed will always have your room feeling less zen. We recommend finding a nice bed-spread and some cute pillows to cover up your sheets. This will add some nice color and make it feel a lot more like home. As an added bonus, you don’t need to make your bed every day, you can just cover it up and no one will ever know.

Basic bed-spread from Amazon, $34.99 (full/queen)!

Photo/poster wall

If you have a lot of wall space, creating a poster or photo wall is a great way of decorating it.

If you have a lot of great photos on your phone that you would love to have on your wall, we recommend having them printed and hung up or there are many great websites to print posters.

You can of course use double-sided tape to hang up photos, or you can use a photo wall grid. Just make sure to hang it with command hooks that will not damage the wall if you renting.

Photo grid wall, $19.99 here!

If you are a student or young professional in a dorm room or new apartment, we hope that you found some inspiration to spruce up your new space and make it your own.

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