Putting your interns in organized housing

Every year, thousands of interns come to the city ready to work for all types of different companies. Being an intern, maybe straight out of college, you might not have the best credit score and you’re certainly not making 40 times the rent, just yet. This will usually make it difficult finding a place to stay for the length of your internship. As an employer, you might receive questions from stressed interns, asking for help to find housing. Alohause already has that issue solved for you, organized intern housing.

Our Solution

We offer furnished rooms in shared apartments, located all over New York City. Interns don’t need proof of income, credit score, a guarantor, or even a social security number to rent with us. This is especially good for international interns coming from other countries around the world. Usually, a person that does not satisfy any of these requirements would not be able to get an apartment or room without paying crazy amounts of money to a landlord. Also, all our rooms are available for short-term leases. The process is quick and easy, our pricing is very competitive and most of our apartments are in luxury buildings which means our clients will have access to the amenities that come with that type of building.

Why its a Good Idea for You as a Company

Most importantly, having your interns stay in shared apartments could be beneficial for their well-being and safety in a city like New York. Our locations are all in safe neighborhoods like the Financial District and Midtown. Also, your interns will have more time to focus on their job as the apartments are all ready for move-in the day they arrive. They will also be living with like-minded people of the same age, which is great for interns who have no network yet.

How to Get Started

Fill in the form on our website and one of our booking agents will contact you shortly! You’re also welcome to call us on our office number that’s also on our website. Even if we don’t have anything available at the time, we’re more than willing to help you by referring you to other places!

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