Organizing Friendsgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays, and even if you are not from the US and usually don’t celebrate it, we totally recommend you give it a try. In addition to it being a great way to spend time with friends and family, the food is what sells it. Thanksgiving food is just too good for anyone not to celebrate. But since not everyone has the pleasure of having a family to celebrate with, we have put together a little list of tips to celebrate a great Friendsgiving or Roommategiving!

Decide on the food

If you are not familiar with what a classic Thanksgiving dinner looks like, we would recommend you check out Pinterest! Simply search for “thanksgiving recipes” and you can pick from a wide variety of recipes. Staples include turkey (of course), gravy, cornbread, creamed corn, and mashed potatoes. There should be something for everyone.

Involve everyone in the cooking

So, like we may have already emphasized, Thanksgiving involves a whole lot of food. But not every person living in NYC has a big kitchen to even attempt to cook up a full Thanksgiving meal. So, giving all your friends a dish to prepare is a great way to still achieve a full dinner, while also saving you some stress. But remember that the host should always be on turkey duty! And make sure to not forget beverages!!!

Buy some cute (cheap) decorations

We know that storing seasonal decor in a small NYC apartment is not ideal. Therefore, we would recommend opting for some cheap Dollar Tree decor which can be thrown out afterward. Although we are aware that this is not that environmentally friendly, it is a student-friendly option and just make sure to recycle everything when you throw it out!

Do a “what I’m thankful for” circle

This might sound so cheesy, but it is a great way to get to know your friends or roommates in a new way. Also, we tend to complain a lot, especially living in a stressful city like New York and so we often forget to express gratitude about all the great things we have.

Remind everyone to bring to-go containers

This is probably the most important part, to be honest. If you have ever hosted a big feast, you know that there will most likely be plenty of leftovers. This might sound great, but if you live in a shared apartment with a small fridge, it can be a nightmare.

Therefore, tell all your guests to bring their own Tupperware so that everyone can bring home some leftovers.

The Alohause team wishes you all a great Thanksgiving celebration, no matter who you are celebrating with. And we hope you enjoyed our tips for a great Friendsgiving.

Look out for our next blogpost which we will post on Thanksgiving day, this will be a round-up of all the best Black Friday deals for students.

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