NYC Winter Activities

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to the first blog post of 2020! We hope you are as motivated and excited as us for this new year ahead. Although, we all know how January is a bit of a slow month where everyone is usually broke from the holiday celebrations and winter has hit us. For the first post of this year, we have put together a few suggestions of things to do during the winter in this wonderful city of ours.

Restaurant week

This one is great if you are on a budget, but still want to try some of the best (expensive) restaurants in the city.

Restaurant week starts on January 21 and runs until February 9th, but book a table asap as the most popular places will be fully booked quickly.

There will be prix fixe menus, 2-course lunch $26 and 3-course dinner $42!

Check out their website for more info, and to book a table!

Try an escape room

New York City has quite a few escape rooms to try out, and it’s a great indoor activity. In fact, it’s a great way to get to know new roommates, or even take your colleagues. According to Google, the top 3 are: Mission Escape Games, Exit Escape Room, and BrainXcape. We recommend checking out Groupon for discounts before you go.

Try a new museum

A recent opening is the Museum of Ice cream in Soho. It will remain open until March 1st, so if you want to see it, now is a perfect time. Tickets are $39, so not too cheap but still a cool place to have visited. A great place for Instagram photos, and a chill Sunday activity.

Check out the Brooklyn Flea Winter Market

This is a great weekend activity, and if you are not looking to shop for fleas it is still fun to look around. Another good reason to go is the fact that Smorgasburg has its food market inside here as well. Brooklyn Flea is located in Brooklyn, at 25 Kent Avenue, 8th floor. They are open every Saturday and Sunday, from 10am-6pm, through March. You can easily take the L train from Manhattan and walk from the Bedford Avenue station.

We hope this gave you some inspiration to get out of your apartment, and that you enjoyed reading our recommendations. We know the winter months can seem long and dreadful, but there are definitely ways to make them more enjoyable.

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