New York Fall Activities

Summer has officially come to an end, and the weather has finally cooled off.

October is a great month to get out and explore New York now that the humidity has calmed down and life has become more enjoyable.

We have gathered some of our favorite fall activities, and we hope you also try them out!

Pumpkin Garden Display @Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Does it get more fall than a pumpkin garden? We don’t think so. Brooklyn Botanical Garden has it’s Spooky Pumpkin Garden open until October 31st, so go see it before it’s gone.

To visit is also very affordable, so a very student-friendly!

Go Hiking

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there are several great hikes not too far from NYC. Most of them are about an hour train ride from Grand Central on the Metro-North train. If you simply Google “hikes close to NYC” you will have a bunch of options to pick from, depending on what type of hike you want to do and how to get there. Getting out of the city and getting some fresh mountain air is a great way to kick off the fall season. Happy hiking!

Go Halloween Costume Shopping

If you love to celebrate Halloween, we highly recommend finding your costume as early as possible. The week before Halloween or even the day of, stores get super crazy! So get in there early if you want a good selection, and peace and quiet to look around.

There is nothing worse than doing last-minute shopping in a packed store with hundreds of others in the same situation.


If you are over the age of 21, Oktoberfest is a fun event happening in October. For the non-germans, it’s a great excuse to go out and have some huge jugs of beer and eat pretzels. Although some of the bigger Oktoberfest events happened in September, there are still some going on in Oktober. But make sure to look them up and secure some tickets before you miss out on the fun!

Six Flags Fright Fest

Although this is a more pricy option, Six Flags is a super fun activity to do with roommates or just a group of friends. Right now the whole park is themed Fright Fest, which is all dedicated to Halloween and all things scary.

They have haunted houses, attractions, rides, and great theme park snacks. Fright Fest will continue until November 3rd, and you can book tickets online. If you do not know anyone with a car to get there, there are train and bus options available.

And thats it for this blog post! We hope you found our suggestions helpful, and that you go experience them for yourself. We will be back with more content soon, and we hope you have a great start to the fall season.

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