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As a company, we receive a lot of questions about our service. When moving to a big city like Manhattan, as a student or young professional it is wise to be skeptical and ask a lot of questions. Especially, if you are not from the US and you have little or no clue about the rental process here.

Therefore, we decided this week`s blog post should be a roundup of some of our most frequently asked questions.

Q: What is the price range of your rooms?

A: All our rooms range from $1,250-2,400.

Q: What is in the room/apartment when I move in?

A: Your room is furnished with the basics, and your bed has bedding ready for you when you get there. The common areas are also furnished, including all the kitchen supplies you might need.

Q: Are your apartments male and female separated?

A: No, all our apartments are shared, and we cannot guarantee that they will be all female or all male.

Q: In what areas are your apartments located?

A: Most of our apartments are located in the Financial District, but we do have apartments in Midtown and the East Village as well.

Q: Who will I be sharing the apartment with?

A: All of our apartments are a mix of international students or young professionals, but also some Americans. It is really a great way of making connections here in the US, but also creating great friendships with people from all over the world.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum stay?

A: Our minimum stay is one month, and our maximum stay on the same lease is 12 months. We understand that some people are only staying for maybe a semester of school, interning over the summer, or is staying for a longer period of time. We want to offer great housing solutions to fit your needs.

Q: Are your apartments located in safe areas?

A: Yes, we take the safety of our tenant very seriously, and most of our buildings have doorman service. Our buildings are also located in very safe areas of Manhattan.

Q: Do you charge a brokers fee?

A: No, we do not charge a brokers fee. However, we do have a service fee which varies based on the length of your stay. A brokers fee can vary from one to two months rent, our service fee is way more affordable. It is basically a payment for our service while you are staying in our apartments, which means you will have access to our support team and all other amenities that our apartments have.

Q: Is the apartments cleaned professionally or do the tenants clean themselves?

A: The apartment and room is professionally cleaned whenever a new tenant is moving in. Besides that, tenants are responsible for keeping their rooms and apartment clean.

Q: What are the utilities and what is the monthly utility fee?

A: Utilities include wi-fi, gas, electric, and all other related costs. All our apartments have a $45 a month utility rate to cover those costs. The utilities are also capped, meaning that even if you exceed $45 a month in utilities, we will not charge you more.

Q: Do you have studio or one bedroom apartments?

A: No, we have no studios or one-bedrooms available to rent. All our apartments are shared with more than two people.

We hope we managed to answer most of the common questions we get, and that it gave you some clarity on our service. But, we are more than happy to answer any other questions you might have. Just email us at

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