How To Survive NYC Summer

New York City summer. You either hate it or love it. But we can guarantee you that you will probably end up wanting to flee this island pretty soon. With temperatures hitting the 90s and humidity at a hundred percent, the city is not as dreamy anymore. But no worries, we have some great tips and tricks on how to get through the summer without having to lock yourself in your apartment with the air conditioning blasting. Although that is a good option as well.

Bring water

Our number one tip, and also maybe the most basic of them all, is to bring a bottle of water wherever you go. Swell bottles are a great way to keep your water cold and fresh all day. Staying hydrated is so important when humidity is high and the sun is shining. Also, bringing your own bottle is not only great for the environment but also good for your wallet.

Bring a sweater

No, we are not joking. Entering any type of public building during summer in the city is like entering a freezer.  Americans love their air conditioning, and you will go from being barbequed alive outside to getting hypothermia inside. So, bring a light sweater, or cardigan wherever you go.

Go rooftop hopping

The summer calls for some frosé on one of the many rooftops in the city. Some also have pools, and on the weekends it is a great way of cooling down while enjoying the amazing views. And we do have some recommendations for where to go here!

Hide away in Central Park

Central Park is a great place to escape the city heat. Arrange a picnic with some friends, or simply bring a book to read in the shade under one of the beautiful massive trees. It is a great place to cool down, without actually leaving the city.

Get out of the city

Yes, it’s OK to escape. If you have the weekends off, we recommend you take a trip to somewhere outside the city. If you want to go to the beach, Coney Island is a great option. It is a great getaway from the city, and you can take the train all the way there. Another great summer getaway is the Hamptons, which can offer beautiful beaches as well.

That’s it for this weeks blog post, stay cool everyone! And try to enjoy the New York City summer as much as you can.

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