How to Land Your Dream Internship

Hi everyone!

Summer is approaching quickly (believe it or not), and that means that intern-season is about to hit New York City.

Have you not landed your dream internship? well, we have some advice we believe can be helpful. And remember, if you’ve landed your dream internship in the city but are still looking for a place to stay, we’re more than happy to help you find the perfect room for you. Renting with us, you will also be living with like-minded students, young professionals, and other interns.

Personal Branding

People sometimes forget how important it is to keep up your own personal brand. In other words, how do you want people to view you as a person, both in life and in business? In today’s world, that involves cleaning up your social media accounts of anything that doesn’t correlate with what you want people to know right now. Also, make sure you find your personal touch. Who are you? and what is it you want to be known for? How can you express this to the world?

Brush Up Your Resume

It might seem basic, but a great resume is one of the most important assets in landing the internship of your dreams.

Your resume needs to be polished to perfection, and free of common mistakes. After all, this is the first impression most employers will have of you.

We recommend having someone read it over and give you some feedback. If you do not know anyone that you trust to catch all mistakes, using an online service or taking it to your career advisor is a great option.

Lastly, get creative! Make sure your resume will stand out in the crowd.

Use Your Contacts

If you still don’t have a LinkedIn account, you definitely need to make one. Using your contacts is crucial in finding your perfect internship. You will automatically know if you know people who are working for the company you want to work for. Knowing the right people will give you an advantage, and could make the process easier. Make sure that your profile is on point, and that it looks professional. You can also upload your resume to your profile, making it easy for potential employers to get a hold of it.

Manhattan Chambers Of Commerce

Attend a Chambers Of Commerce networking event. They host networking events especially for young professionals in the city. It is also a great way of meeting people that might be able to help you out. Businesses don’t always post about internship opportunities, and so reaching out to someone in the industry could be a good idea. Also, if you have a small network, attending other events for whatever industry you are interested in is a great way of meeting the right people and building a network within that industry that might be useful later on.

Follow them on Facebook to be updated on upcoming events!


If you feel like you might have professors, or others of importance that would be able to vouch for your abilities, you should ask them! Having recommendations will give you a great advantage and also give employees some reassurance and proof that you are what you say you are.

Lastly, we want to wish you good luck on your internship hunting. And remember, do not get discouraged! Internship positions are always popping up, and you will find yours!

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