How to be broke in NYC part 2

Our most-read blog post in 2019 was “how to be broke in NYC”. This is not surprising as New York City really is an expensive city to live in. We pay high rent, but we also pay a lot extra for basic things like groceries and a simple lunch.

Therefore, we thought it would be fitting with the new year right around the corner to do an updated version of that blog post to help anyone trying to save a few pennies.

Use your student discounts 

If you are a student in college right now, this is a great tip to save some cash. Always keep your student ID with you, and make sure to register on to find the best discounts online as well. Also, if you recently graduated and you still have your student ID you can still use it in stores if it does not have the year printed on it.

Museums, movie theatres and other places also sometimes have student discounts, so always check before you shop!

Delete the food delivery apps

If you are really trying to save some cash in the new year, we recommend deleting the for delivery apps. Start cooking at home, or even food prep. We know, the convenience of having food delivered to your door is sometimes hard to resist. But, if you love to order food you would be shocked if you added up those meals over a month.

Go vegetarian

Yes, that’s right. Not only are you doing a great thing for the environment and the animals, but you will also save so much money. If you have not noticed, buying meat is really expensive. Contrary to belief, eating vegetables and other vegetarian options is way less expensive. Just remember to pick your grocery store wisely. Like we recommended in the other blog post, shopping at Trader Joes vs WholeFoods will make a huge difference in your grocery spending.

Use the subway or walk

If you are new to the city, walking is the best way to familiarize yourself, while saving money. You will also see a lot of things you would miss from a car or underground on the subway. Although, the subway definitely is the next best way to save money. Even though the subway prices have gone up, it will still be cheaper than taking cars or taxis everywhere.

Always bring snacks

When running around the city you will see temptations everywhere. We like to say that if you leave your apartment in NYC, you will spend at least $10 very quickly. Therefore, bringing snacks and something to drink on the go, you will save some money every day.

We hope you found some of these tips and tricks helpful, even though we know some of them might be obvious we know that a reminder is good for the new year coming up. Let’s save that coin so we can use it for something fun! We hope you enjoy the last day of this decade, and you can look forward to more content on the Alohause blog.

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