College Hacks

Regardless if we like it or not, classes are about to start. If you are just starting college or is still going strong we wanted to give you some insight on how you can be as successful as possible in college.

DO NOT slack the first semester

You might be under the impression that the first semester will be easy and chill. And you will have plenty of time to make up for a lazy start. Well, we are here to tell you that you are wrong. Scrambling your last year in college, trying to make up for mediocre first-year work, is beyond stressful.

If you start with a bang, you are more likely to leave college with a high GPA. Remember, your GPA is a makeup of ALL your college work. Also, classes are always easier in the first year and those A´s are easier to achieve.

ALWAYS read the syllabus

This one might sound like we are just repeating your college professors, but trust us when we tell you; they say this for a reason!

Everything you need to know if you are aiming for that A is written down in your syllabus. Print it out, and get busy with your highlighters. If you are on top of the syllabus, you are off to a great start.

Get friendly with your professors

Yes, this might sound you will need to suck up to your professors, and yes that is right. We are not saying that you need to be a teacher’s pet, but be friendly, make yourself known, and ask questions. If they know you are present, and you are serious about your future, they want to help you out. Moreover, if you ever need a reference, you would want to have your old professors want to write great things about you.

Show up and don’t be late to every class

This one might be obvious to most of us, but it is one of the most important hacks to be successful in college. Just showing up will have a big effect on your grades, and also your relationship with your professors. Nobody likes a no-show, and even worse, someone who doesn’t let others know about it. If you need to be absent, the smartest thing you can do is emailing your professors and letting them know about it. Also, make sure you mention that you will be doing the work from home and you will not be missing out.

Find a study buddy and take advantage of tutoring

Finding a study buddy is a great way of learning material quickly. When you can talk about the material out loud and discuss with someone else it will make more sense. Also, make sure you take advantage of the tutoring offered by your college. It might seem dreadful to go, but it is a great tool, especially if you are struggling with a class or a specific subject.

Thats our college hacks for all you great students out there, we know it might seem overwhelming but you can do this!

The Alohause Team wishes you good luck with the new semester, and if you are looking for a room in the city or know someone who is, feel free to email us at

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