Client Spotlight: Leo

Have you ever wondered what it’s like living in New York City as a student? well, who knows better than our lovely clients!

“Client spotlight” is a new series here on the Alohause blog, and our first client to share his story is acting student, Leo Solomon.

Moving from the oversaturated acting scene in LA to the not so glamorous, but less saturated New York City, Leo didn’t fall in love right away.

As probably every person ever moving to New York City, he felt homesick and overwhelmed by the harsh reality of big city living. The culture shock was real, and the weather was even worse. But after buying his first ever winter jacket and changing his mindset he learned to love the city. “It is all about finding things you love.” Leo describes his experience as a wakeup call to change the negatives into something positive.

As an acting student doing a 3-year master degree at the New York Film Academy, New York City is a great place to be for opportunities.

Living Situation

Leo is currently living in a luxury building on Wall Street, sharing an apartment with other students. When he first moved to New York, he was living in a tiny dorm studio with two other people, paying $2,400 per person. A friend of his was interning for Alohause at the time, and they decided to move. The area was a great fit for him, living within walking distance to his school and also finally feeling like he had a home in the city. Moreover, Wall Street is a great area, and the fast pace inspires him to work even harder.

As for his favorite things to do around Wall Street, he loves walking to the Piers, and decompressing after a long day or having a coffee in the morning while enjoying the views.

New York Experiences

The city has given him a lot of good experiences and memories, and he especially loved having a rooftop during the summer, inviting his friends to barbeque. We all know that rooftops are gold in the city, and if you have one, you should take advantage of it!

And speaking of rooftops, he recommends Jimmy at The James Rooftop and the Dream Hotel for some weekend fun. As for his favorite places to eat, he recommends Prince Street Pizza and the Brazilian restaurant, Churrascaria Plataforma.

His school has also given him opportunities to meet talented actors, and recently he got to meet with Bradley Cooper. Getting to learn from famous actors like him, has given him knowledge and tips on how to succeed as an actor himself.

The Future

His time in New York has taught him a lot. He emphasizes the importance of time. “In NYC everything happens fast, and you just have to get on that ride and go with the flow.” Being dedicated to your goals and knowing what you want is key.” After he finishes school he wants to stay for another year and hopefully book tv-shows and movies here on the East Coast. Being bi-coastal and working between New York and LA is the ultimate goal.

Leo´s NYC Survival Tips

Having lived here for a while now, his biggest tip when moving to the big city is “don´t come with a small mindset to a big city”. Everyone has big dreams here, and you will definitely meet some challenges being here. If you are not prepared for that, it can be overwhelming.

He also emphasizes your mindset and how important it is in making the best of any situation you might face. You can read more about survival tips in our first blog post.

We sure hope to see more of Leo in the future, and we are proud to provide him and our other clients with a home while they work on their dreams here in the city. And thank you so much Leo, for letting us in on your NYC adventure!

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