Client Spotlight: Amer

Have you ever wondered what it’s like living in New York City as a student? well, who knows better than our lovely clients!

We’ve already asked another tenant of us of what he thinks about living in New York City, check it out here! This week however, we sat down with Swedish student, Amer Bikic.

When did you come to New york?

I came to New york right after Summer and I started my studies at Columbia University for this Spring. I applied quite late, in April. However there were no issues with the VIsa in order to get here, it only took a week to process. My major is industrial engineering and management and I’m starting my masters, so I’m taking masters classes in finance, entrepreneurship, and management.

How did you find out about Alohause, before coming here?

I didn’t actually, I was maybe a bit ignorant about living arrangements. My teacher back in Sweden referred me to a place in Astoria through a friend of his, I said “sure” because I thought it would be really difficult to get a place here, especially in Manhattan. But then when I got here I heard from someone else from school, about Alohause and their prices, as well as their flexibility on leases terms.

How do you like the building you’re in right now?

t’s good. It’s in a really nice area and there’s so much you can do around in the there. It’s in the middle of financial district on Fulton St. There’s some supermarkets and restaurant but if you walk a bit you get to Wall st and Wall Trade Center. I’ve also been to seaport which is really close by and has a really nice view towards Brooklyn. Not much happens in the area but it’s really easy to get around because of the subways where almost every line that goes in Manhattan goes through Fulton St.

What are your favorite places around in the area to eat?

There’s Chipotle right outside, which you can’t go wrong with. Other than that there’s also a CVS with everything else you might need. But there’s also a bunch of places that I haven’t been to. So definitely a good variety.

Any fun activities that you’ve gone to?

I go to these shows where I apply online through a site called 1iota. You can get free tickets to shows like Jimmy Kimmel, Fallon and all these other good shows. It’s really cool and I’ve already got to do a lot of them.

What is your favorite part about living in NYC?

There’s so many but I would say that, it might sound like a cliche, but you know how they say that everything happens here? Like the city never sleeps. There’s so much opportunity and this is the place to grow. There’s so many thing to do and it’s the feeling of being among everything, It’s really awesome. So that’s my favorite part.

Anything you don’t like about NYC? A culture shock.

No, no culture shock but I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff. Being here forces you to come out of your comfort zone. There’s always people everywhere, so queues can be really long sometimes. As for living with other people, It depends but it can also be really good if you really get to know your roommates well, then it can be the optimal situation.

What’s your favorite thing to do on weekends?

There’s a lot of nice places in Greenwich Village area and the area around Washington Square Park. Like Joe’s pizza and a creperie where they have over 150 different types. There’s also a chocolate place where you can eat fondue. And that area definitely feels a lot calmer than any other area in Manhattan. There’s so much to do and so many different areas to explore. I heard that there’s 25,000 restaurants in New york and if you do 2 every day you still won’t be able to explore all of them in your lifetime.

What has New York taught you?

That there’s a lot of opportunity in the world and it has taught me not necessarily specific lessons but maybe given me more insight into the world. There’s so many people from so many different places so it’s really diverse. In terms of insight you really get the perspective of life even though that sounds cliche as well. In other words it’s awesome and there’s a lot of opportunity here. My future plans are to move here somewhere down the road when I’m done with my studies. To get the same standard of living as in Scandinavia here though I really need to secure a job since it’s so expensive to live here.

Thank you, Amer, for sharing your experience with us, we also hope it can benefit those that read this and would want to experience it for themselves!

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