Amazon Student Must Have´s


If there is anything you should be buying on Amazon, it´s your vitamins. Buying them at CVS or Duane & Reade in the city is so expensive, and as a student or young professional on a budget, it is not ideal. Vitamins are also so important to stay healthy and energized to keep up with the NYC hustle.

Link to this one here!

Laptop table

If you are in a small space, with no room for a regular desk or you just prefer working or studying in bed. This is for you. A laptop table for your bed is a great way to be more comfortable, and it is also better for your laptop in the long run.

The best part is, when you are done with it you can fold it back down and leave it under your bed.

Link to this one here!

Protein bars

A must-have for busy students or long hours at work. Running around the city, missing breakfast or just falling asleep a protein bar is a perfect pick-me-up. They are great to throw in your bag on the go.

It can get expensive buying them one at a time, and so buying them in packs can save you some coins.

Amazon has a great selection of your typical store brands like Nature Valley, Cliff Bars, and Quest. But they also carry some better options, with less sugar and better ingredients.

Link to this one here!

Door storage

If your room is tiny and lacking storage (typical NYC), door storage is a great way to keep things organized. It is easy to install and will add lots of extra storage space to your room.

Link to this one here!

Used books and textbook rentals

Being on a budget, but still wanting to keep up with the syllabus readings or just do some reading on your downtime can be costly.

We all know that the college textbooks can be crazy expensive, and who wants to pay hundreds of dollars for something they will use for one semester only?

Amazon has a great selection of used textbooks that you can rent. You can choose from any subject you might need, and get it sent straight to you. When you are done, you simply send it right back.

Also, if you love to read as a hobby, Amazon has a great selection of books. Most of these you can buy cheaper if you choose the used option. Great way to save some $$ if you don’t mind a less perfect copy.

Link to textbook rentals here!

Link to regular books here!

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