5 Things To Do On A Student Budget

We in Alohause know first hand what it’s like having a tight budget in a city like NYC. Luckily, that means we know just how to have a good time, while not spending all savings. Our team is well-established in New York, and we want to share our 5 best tips on what to do in the city without spending money you don’t have.

The first tip we have are for students (that are over the age of 21) who love to party but don’t want to spend $14 dollars on a drink. There is a way to go out to clubs, and sometimes even get free dinners at upscale restaurants in the city without spending any of your own money. Yes, that might sound too good to be true. All you need is a Promoter. For those who have never heard of a promoter, it’s basically a person who works for different nightlife venues and will take you out. Although, this process might be easier if you’re a girl. Also, we want to add that you should only go with promoters who seem like they have a good reputation in the industry. So, have fun and drink responsibly!

Second tip is for students who might want to expand their cultural knowledge. The Metropolitan Museum of Art (yes, that place where celebs gather once a year in crazy expensive outfits) is a great way to spend a Sunday, without spending a whole lot of money. Admissions are donation based, and you donate as much as you want to in order to get inside. Just remember to bring your student ID. You can literally spend an entire day looking at all sorts of different exhibitions. There’s definitely something for everyone, as they have art spanning from over 5,000 years in there. You will definitely get some fresh knowledge from it, and hopefully enjoy it.

Our third tip is a great option for students who love a good laugh. There are plenty of amateur comedy clubs in the city, and most of them are very affordable. They usually range from 5 to 15 dollars and they are a great option for a first date or a night out with friends or roommates.

Fourth tip to save some cash and do some exploring, is to rent a bike for a few hours and bike around Central Park. It is a lovely way to see the entire park in a short amount of time, get some exercise in, and enjoy a beautiful day. Starting from the bottom of the park (59th street) and going all the way up to the top (110th street) and back will usually take you around an hour. But, we recommend you stop and enjoy the views on your way. Renting a bike is usually around $10 an hour, which is not that bad at all.

Last tip for students who want to go out, but don’t necessarily enjoy the club scene that much, is to take advantage of happy hours. There are plenty of bars around the city who have great happy hour deals, that are budget friendly. Depending on your area, you can find these deals pretty much everywhere. We recommend checking out Lower Manhattan as it is a popular area for students and the happy hour deals definitely reflect that. It is also a great way of meeting other students in the city while not going broke on drinks.

We hope this blog post gave you some inspiration on how to have fun in the city without breaking the bank. And lastly, there are a million other things to do in this city and we encourage you to explore as many as you can, especially if your time here is short. Enjoy!

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