5 things to do in NYC as a young professional

When you live in NYC, it’s smart to make the most out of your time here. We at Alohause have all been here for some time and know a few things that are smart to do in order to either land a job or find connections. Read below to find out!

Get an internship

The best thing for an international student to do while in school is to get experience. If you want to search for work while you’re here you will most likely need something to stand out.

Meet a mentor

This is something that really can help you shine out amongst the crowd. A mentor is a teacher, an advisor and a great connection to have whom you can turn to with questions and get valuable advice for whatever industry you’re looking to get into. Having a mentor relationship is very beneficial as they are often deeply rooted within the industry and can direct you to people that can help you further along the way to where you want to get a job.

Go to networking events

There are events for basically everything here in NYC. Whatever industry you’re looking to get into, they should have it. The DUMBO Tech breakfast, for example, is a twice a month breakfast club that has no agenda or budget.

Read a book in a cafe

Spending time in a cafe while reading a book and sipping on a cup of coffee or tea, seems to be a very New York thing. There are plenty of nice and quiet places to sit around in the city and can offer a great place to take your mind elsewhere than a study hall or classroom.

Start a side business

Whether it’s selling bracelets after school or working on a website with your friends, skipping the bar and working on these endeavors could look great on a resume. It could also potentially mean something even bigger in the future!

And there you have it. Let us know if you have any other ideas to what one can do in this amazing city!

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